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[2019-06-01-Tokyo Joshi Pro] Miyu Yamashita vs Mizuki


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Yamashita dropped the title but she's still one of the best pro wrestlers in the world. She can fit so much into 10-15 minutes. Her selling is all purposeful, rarely can you really say she's no-selling her opponents but most of the time she does a great job at looking like she's trying to fight through the pain. Mizuki has a great underdog perfomance in this match, as Yamashita beats her up with kicks and knees. Mizuki's double footstomps completely change the match, it's fantastic. I've never really been impressed by the move but it's such a sudden game changer here that I loved how they used them. Yamashita gets up from a series of footstomps and lands a german suplex but can't hold it. And Mizuki keeps working the abdomen until she gets the upset win. The pinfall is also very sudden and surprising, which adds to the narrative of the match.

Great match layout and everything is executed perfectly.  I think this is the best Tokyo Joshi match of this year so far, which is high praise since they've become one of the best wrestling promotions around.

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