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[1975-10-30-AJPW] The Destroyer vs Stan Hansen

Superstar Sleeze

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The Destroyer vs Stan Hansen - AJPW 10/30/75

Young, blond mop top Nature Boy Stan Hansen playing a loud, big bumping stooge heel is a hoot. He is flying all around looking discombobulated. Bumping from the Apron to the first row. This is not the monster that scared so many Japanese crowds. He's a 70s heel clowning and it is just fun. Destroyer uses all of Hansen youthful piss & vinegar against him as each charge Hansen takes an armdrag. Destroyer doesn't let Hansen have all the fun, he shows the ref how he does an armdrag at one point and how to properly count to three. This match was not short on charisma. They work the Murdoch/O'Connor formula of headlock->headscissors->escape but the shenanigans and Hansen's hollering make this much more entertaining. I love Destroyer throwing the chest right back in Hansen's face literally with a thumb to the eye. Hansen bulldozes Destroyer with a wicked shoulder tackle foreshadowing the Western Lariat. Destroyer hits his own and a big back drop to set up his figure-4 victory. Perfect veteran vs young lion match and Stan Hansen unlike anything we have seen before out of him. ***3/4

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