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[2019-06-24-DDT & Sendai Girls] Shunma Katsumata vs DASH Chisako (Hardcore)


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Shunma and DASH are both the smallest members of their teams, and they often spend a lot of time in tag matches getting beat up and trying to tag out. But wouldn't you know it, they're both extremely evil and bloodthirsty in this match. The match is very brutal, even the outside brawling is just stiffer and wilder than what you usually see in Japan. Shunma and Dash both take insane bumps on the regular, and they do so here but it's really the intensity and the creativity of some of the spots which makes the match. The finish is very cool, Dash wins with a great splash off the ladder after Shunma kicked out of a gnarly sunset flip (also off the ladder). It's a great match!

Katsumata has been in four hardcore matches in the past 18 months and they're all very good, DDT needs to get him some light tubes.

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