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[1982-09-21-NJPW] Antonio Inoki vs Rusher Kimura


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This match is raw as hell, the brawls between these two are pretty fun to watch. Inoki sticks and moves at the beginning and then has Kimura in trouble with a couple holds. Kimura gains the upper hand after trading some strikes. He gets Inoki pinned against the ropes, but Inoki flips everyone (referee included) to the outside, where one of Kimura's seconds produces a pair of scissors starts cutting Inoki's hair! Inoki's angry comeback is great, throwing Kimura into the ring post and then braining everyone with a chair, before throwing Kimura back into the ring and getting the pinfall just as the referee recovers. Ref's performance was a bit annoying, but him collapsing after counting the pinfall was neat.

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