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[2019-05-18-Sendai Girls] Meiko Satomura & Mei Suruga vs Sareee & Yuu

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It's something to see Suruga, Gatoh Move's super spunky 20 year old rookie, come bouncing out to Satomura's entrance theme. That dynamic between them plays out during the match as Suruga uses her speed and energy to throw off her opponents while Satomura was all about physical striking and grappling. Suruga has a bit of success in the match but ends up getting worked over a fair bit but manages to survive via her instincts. Sareee and Yuu work well together as a team while both are able to go toe to toe with Satomura individually. This is yet another high quality random team tag match that Sendai Girls has had this year. ****1/4

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