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[2001-01-08-WCW-Nitro] Bill Goldberg & DeWayne Bruce vs Kronik


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Even though this is a tag team match Goldberg’s streak is still on the line and considering DeWayne Bruce’s won/loss record I would be pretty darn concerned if I were him!  We get a recap from Thunder where ‘Totally Buff’ broke Sarge’s arm and Goldberg wasn’t able to help his trainer because Kronik had already taken care of him.  Disco Inferno is providing additional commentary and wonders why Sarge isn’t back at the Power Plant and why Goldberg is risking his career by having him as his partner?  My thoughts exactly.  The teams pair off with Clark and Sarge going at it in the ring while Adams and Goldberg fight it out on the floor.  Wrist clutch suplex by Clark who then heads out to help his partner.  Schiavone is a bit surprised that they’re going after Goldberg but Disco says its good strategy as they know they can beat Sarge at any time, so if they keep Goldberg out of there the result won’t be in doubt.  Clark targets Sarge’s broken arm slamming it into the ring post and the apron.  Scott Hudson wonders how he is even conscious after that (he didn’t hit him in the head Scott!) although Tony answers stating that Sarge is one of the toughest men ever to grace a wrestling ring.  Said without a hint of sarcasm!  Sarge counters the suplex with a pretty ropey looking DDT and makes the tag.  Adams boots Goldberg in the gut and plants him with a full nelson slam.  “Unbelievable” that they are manhandling him like this according to Schiavone.  They go for ‘High Times’ but Goldberg fights his way out of it.  Side kick to Clark and a spear for Adams.  ‘Totally Buff’ are out and jump Sarge on the floor, unaware to Goldberg who is handling things in the ring.  Jackhammer on Clark for the win and now he sees what is going on.  He goes to help his trainer, but Luger clocks him with the cast that they ripped off Sarge’s arm and Bagwell then chokes him with a chair, as they leave their opponents for Sin laying.

While I’m not a fan of this feud continuing and even more so Goldberg having to team up with DeWayne Bruce, a decent angle at the end here leading into the PPV.

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Sarge is a liability here as Goldberg is risking his career tagging with him. Brawl starts in the entrance between Adams and Goldberg. Not a bad strategy by Kronik as they could have had Goldberg occupied in the aisle and hope they could get a pin over Sarge inside the ring. Tony says as much and brings to the attention of the fans how dumb Kronik’s strategy is. Goldberg gets put into the steps and they do return to attack sarge’s arm.  Goldberg gets the tag in and Adams gets a good looking full nelson slam on Goldberg as they go for the High Times. Goldberg powers out and spears Adams. We barely see a good looking leapfrog from Goldberg. Spear to Clark, Jackhammer and that is it. 35-0 for Goldberg. Sarge is getting beat up meanwhile on the outside by Totally Buff. They rip the cast off and slam it on the steps again. Luger whacks Adams too just for good measure. *

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