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[2001-01-22-WWF-Raw] William Regal vs Test


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That dirty, foul, insignificant little specimen Test has been a thorn in the side of William Regal, who apologises to everyone in advance as tonight he’s going to make him feel like he’s been hacked up with a bloody hatchet!  Test’s not wasting any time, running down the aisle in order to get his hands on the European champion.  Regal rolls to the floor after a lariat, but Test steps over the top rope and follows him outside, slamming his head into the announcer’s table.  He throws him back into the ring and levels him with a big boot after reversing the Irish whip.  Test with a bodyslam followed by a great looking top rope elbow and we have ourselves a new European champion in nigh on record time. 

In the space of under a month Regal goes from getting a pinfall over Steve Austin to jobbing to Test in less than two minutes.  Much to the surprise of Jim Ross too who can’t believe that any man on earth can defeat William Regal that quick!  Is this a way of elevating Test?  Was it a way to move Regal away from the European title scene?  Not convinced Regal losing so quickly and getting the minimum of offense in was the right call wherever they’re going from here.

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