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[2005-06-11-CZW-Violent By Design: Synthesized Euphoria] The H8 Club (Justice Pain & Nick Gage) vs. Tough Crazy Bastards (Necro Butcher & Toby Klein)

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This match is known for a few things. One, Necro has shoes!! Motherfucker. And two, it was done just hours after the classic Joe vs Necro match in the same arena for IWA Mid-South. The match were Necro face-planted off a scoop slam, and here he is ucking it up in CZW having yet another wild brawl. Legend. Toby Kelin running out without Necro and getting assaulted 2 on 1 was great and got the crowd to go mental for Necro’s arrival even more son. Klein getting split open so early ruled also. The crowd brawling that went backstage was phenomenal. The crowd either scattered or run towards the action. This is where the bumps got insane. Necro being thrown into the steel shutter with so much velocity, Gage getting a gusher by having his head rammed into said shutter. Klein suplexes Pain on the road outside the building and being thrown off the balcony, feet first!! And by the end of it, everyone is covered in each others and their own blood. There is also a great ECW/Chairs homage spot which suited the match more than you’ll usually see it. But one of my favourite parts of the match was the punches. I usually hate the spot where two wrestlers would sit and chairs and do whatever but the stiffness in these punches made it all worth it. You could hear Necro’s potatoes to Gage’s head. Great spot. The finish was sadly messed up with the time keeper ringing the bell too early. Oh well. And Zandig announced rematch afterwards! Yay! ****1/2

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