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[2019-08-09-ROH-Summer Supercard] Guerrillas of Destiny vs The Briscoes (Ladder War)


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Mark and Jay Briscoe defend the ROH World Tag Team Titles.

I already loved their Street Fight, but this was on another level. Amazing violence from start to finish with a natural chaotic & heated feel to it. Mark Briscoe is still a crazy bastard in 2019, Tama Tonga had a few superb spots w/ his sneaky attacks (that dropkick to Mark which sent him over the barricade + that cutter as Mark was climbing the ladder) & Jay mothafuggen' Briscoe. I recommended this match to a friend right after watching it, and his response was "are GOD matches allowed to be good" -- well, when you have Jay rocking the crimson mask like it's 2004 vs. Samoa Joe in a Steel Cage, then I'd say yeah, it's allowed. We'll see how it holds up when I do a MOTYC re-watch before the year ends, but on first watch, this is totally up there w/ the best ROH ladder wars. One of the finest pieces of pro-rasslin in 2019. ****1/2

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