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[2019-08-31-AEW-All Out] CODY vs Shawn Spears

paul sosnowski

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Hahaa, this was so damn awesome. The presentation during the entrances is amazing (except for poor Pharaoh getting scared shitless by the pyro), the beginning of the match is FANTASTIC w/ Cody going right at Spears with that suicide dive & then kicking his ass all over the place, pumping up the crowd & slapping hands with kids -- hell yeah I say, that's some classic babyface stuff right there. Spears is very solid dishing out the punishment too, and the great atmosphere added so much to it + of course it helps that Cody's overall babyface work was absolutely on point. Him getting FIRED UP by those beltshots & then booting Spears' face was awesome. Also loved the inclusions of MJF & Tully -- when Tully was stomping MJF & then fucking DOUBLE A comes out and delivers his signature Spinebuster (which was as gorgeous as ever), I got the biggest smile on my face. So much FUN all around w/ Cody's amazing babyface act, the red-hot atmosphere, MJF & Tully being awesome ringside + the goddamn Enforcer coming out. Easy MOTN. ****

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