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[1989-02-20-NWA-Chi Town Rumble] Michael Hayes vs Russian Assassin


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They should’ve got Michael Hayes to do the pre-show hype based on the interview he cuts before his match with the Russian Assassin.  Hayes is over with the Chicago crowd, while ‘Number One’ Paul Jones is still knocking about, seconding a masked Jack Victory.  Jim Ross mentions that ‘P.S.’ started as a seventeen year old and has ten years’ experience, yes Michael Hayes is only 27 here!  Hayes dictates the pace early with side headlocks and armbars, “good sound strategy” according to JR.  The Assassin slaps on a rear chinlock and Ross explains the psychology behind the move as even though it is basic, if applied correctly it is an effective hold.  Hayes escapes and gets a one count with a running crossbody before the Assassin returns to the chinlock.  Jones cheapshots Hayes from the floor, but he is beyond worthless by 1989.  ‘P.S.’ avoids the charge and the Assassin flies through the turnbuckles going shoulder first into the ring post.  Eye poke by the Assassin, however he then telegraphs the backdrop and Hayes drills him with a DDT for the win.

If you enjoy armbars and rear chinlocks you’ll enjoy this.  Hayes was over with the audience and in a sense is a strong act to open the PPV, he just can’t deliver excitement in the ring.  The match went an announced 15:48 which was too long for me, even though those in attendance were with Hayes on his comebacks and popped for the finish.

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