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[1989-02-15-NWA-Clash of the Champions V] Lex Luger vs The Blackmailer


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Jack Victory under the hood and working his second match of the night (this won’t be the only time that will be said in 1989).  The Blackmailer is managed by Hiro Matsuda, although I doubt he’s his prized asset.  Fancy going from Flair to the Blackmailer in consecutive segments?  Another match with long drawn out moves, this time Lex working a side headlock.  Victory escapes with a great looking belly to back suplex but Luger completely no sells it, being up to his feet before Jacko.  Back to the side headlock… and again.  Jim Ross points out that he isn’t showing much variety in his offense.  And again.  It’s not even like he’s cranking it in, just holding the Blackmailer there.  Press slam, Lex goes for a clothesline but Victory moves and Luger goes flying out to the floor.  Sunset flip back inside for a near fall.  Rear chinlock from the Blackmailer.  ‘The Package’ fires up and gets the win following a superplex.  Matsuda doesn’t even bother to wait for his client, the Mailer one and done in the NWA and presumably out of his stable.

The final minute for Luger’s comeback was okay but overall a poor match.  Has there been a doctrine to have everything so slow paced?  Not as bad as Reed/Casey mind.

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