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[2015-04-03-PWG-Don't Sweat the Technique] Roderick Strong vs Zack Sabre Jr.


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Roddy is in the middle of his career great PWG World Title reign and as such is one of the most hated heels in wrestling. ZSJ is the hot new prospect trying to take the title away. Although there's a certain contingent of Roddy fans in attendance that night, this crowd is for the most part anti-Roddy. It's a very simple match at its core, ZSJ is the technically superior worker trying to find openings to go after Roddy's arm, tap him out, or catch a quick pin. As for Roddy, he's trying to grab just the right hold of Sabre to throw him around and bomb his life away. This match plays out incredibly tensely with a real sense of struggle playing out in the transitions as well. Whenever Roddy is able to string some bombs together, Sabre really has to fight his way back into the advantage, focusing on trying to catch Roddy off guard. There are some great moments of Roddy selling as well such as when he came off the top for the Superplex and the elbow bothered him. Not too much limb selling from Roddy here but I think it's justified in that Sabre never really got an extended stretch of being able to work it over. Awesome sense of struggle and rising crowd heat as the PWG faithful wanted to see a title change. Excellent finish too, incredibly credible and fittingly brutal. 


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