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[2019-11-09-AEW-Full Gear] Jon Moxley vs Kenny Omega (Lights Out)

paul sosnowski

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Well, you can't say they didn't follow up on the violence promised in the build-up! Death match spots and ultraviolence in wrestling will always be divisive, but I loved nearly every minute of this. I really appreciate that they went well beyond the extra mile in making this an incredibly violent and memorable spectacle. And in a day and age where blood feuds often have a lackluster blow-off, that was absolutely not the case here. There was no feeling out and no bullshit, just two guys fighting. The crowd brawling, the plunder, the set up for the spots, everything was executed beautifully. And for a guy who typically doesn't do this stuff, I think Kenny thrived in this kind of environment. Mox was terrific as well, not just in the violence he brought to the table but also his selling. For a guy who specializes in death matches, he was incredibly giving and made Kenny look like a real threat. I will say the match went longer than it needed to (as most AEW matches do) especially when after the barbed wire suplex they still wrestled another 5-7 minutes, but there was absolutely no downtime or moment where I felt like checking my watch. They had me invested (and terrified) the entire time, all the way to that Phoenix Splash that Kenny damn near gave himself a concussion on.

Terrific spectacle of a match. ****1/2

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