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[2020-01-01-Zero1] Yuji Hino vs Yuji Okabayashi


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Yuji Hino defends the ZERO1 World Heavyweight Title

These two had my attention 1 minute in when they do a test of strength/struggle for control for an irish whip :P but to be honest, this has 7 minutes edited and even though it's only really noticeable once (at the very beginning after the irish wish spot), you can feel the match is kinda disjointed. The 17 minutes showed are a brutal hoss match though, it doesn't have all the nuances nor flow of Sekimoto vs Hino but it reaches an even higher level of viciousness - which is saying something :blink: - at first with an incredible chop battle, and then after Okabayashi busts Hino's eyelid open with a botched lariat...the receipts Hino dishes out after that shit are insane, and Okabayashi retaliates with no fucks given too, it's truly wild. Korakuen was weirdly tame, specially for a New Year's show.

It's very much worth a watch, and again, if you are into heavy strikes and people trying to kill each other, this is pretty much right up your alley. But this lacked drama and I can't help but feel those missing 7 minutes could've helped give this more of a flow. 

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