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What if it was Savage instead of Hogan?

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Someone made the comment on reddit yesterday that they felt if Savage had the spot Hogan was given in 84, the WWF would be no less a success than what it became. I conceded that it was interesting but made the points that Hogan already had a rub from being in the Rocky movie, being a top face for Verne, as well as being familiar with the people in the WWF from his earlier time there. 

Savage was only established in Memphis by 1984, and to my knowledge didn't spend any long amount of time anywhere else before going to New York in 85. I find this an intriguing possibility for a few reasons. Randy had the same kind of intensity and ability to do stuff off the top ropes and in cage matches that Snuka had, with the added attraction of being able to cut a hell of a promo. He could have gotten over with that NYC crowd the way he would later, but when it was less geared towards Vince's vision I could see the persona getting over without the flash and hype WWF would be known for later. 

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