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[2001-03-03-WWF-Jakked] Essa Rios vs Samoa Joe

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Our first look at Joe outside of UPW.  He shows immediate agility, belying his physique, with a leap frog but gets caught with a deep powerslam.  Rios goes to town on him in the corner, only for Joe to grab his tights and pull him into the turnbuckles.  Quality rapid fire release belly to belly followed by a snap suplex.  Essa reverses the Irish whip and lands a headscissors.  A dropkick sends Joe retreating to the floor and Rios with an awesome somersault dive over the ring post out onto him.  Back inside he drops a leg across him for a two.  He counters Joe’s attempted powerbomb with a DDT and one gorgeous moonsault later is enough to put Joe away for the three.

Although a touch hesitant, Joe showed both power and agility in there.  The overhead belly to belly was superb, but, in this era, his look and ring wear works against him big time.

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