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[2001-03-31-OVW-TV] Leviathan vs Sean Casey & Chris Michaels (Handicap)


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Outside of the Christmas Chaos show we have very little OVW from 2001 compared to practically every other year.  Casey and Michaels are a regular tag team although neither wants to initiate things, each gesturing to the other to take the first shot at Leviathan.  They decide to rush him together, however he just snatches them around the throat and even though they boot him in the mid-section to break his grip he just runs through the pair with a double clothesline.  He catches Michaels as he comes off the top with a crossbody, standing dropkick by Casey, double cover but they can’t keep him down as he presses them both off.  Spinebuster to Casey and a powerslam for Michaels.  A double chokeslam does the job in what was an effective squash for the ‘Demon of the Deep’.

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