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paul sosnowski

[2020-02-16-Pro Wrestling NOAH-Higher Ground: Night Four] Hideki Suzuki vs Katsuhiko Nakajima

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The match starts with some matwork & it takes the first 10-minutes or so. It starts off kinda meh, but as they continue going at it with them holds & looking to truly gain control over one another, it gets better as it goes. You can see Hideki's focus is Nakajima's neck & he works over it in quite nice fashion throughout. Now once Nakajima finally gets back into the thing w/ them lethal kicks, the match gets considerably more brawl-y, and they have a damn good fight outside the ring. Once they make it back to the ring, it's still a fun slugfest, but the runtime definitely starts to show itself there, as it does drag by the end, and it does feel like it goes on for some-minutes too long. Definitely a good match all in all -- some bits sure were meh, but some bits were GREAT & most of it was at least good. ***1/4

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