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paul sosnowski

[2020-03-07-WXW-16 Carat Gold: Night Two] Mike Bailey vs Bandido

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I’m so rarely the low vote on something as universally loved as this match even among the harsher critics in my own bubble. But I just didn’t understand this one at all. Surely, it didn’t aspire to be anything more than just a fun spotfest and they definitely worked that match towards that aim but even from that lens, I don’t understand. After the initial enthusiasm for both guys at the bell, the crowd lulls almost entirely into an exhausted dullness as these two run through their back and forth awesome. Things perk up again after Bailey’s springboard off the top to the floor but then things just settle into a pretty monotonous trading of spots. Very little sense of escalation or struggle in transition. Just moves being done that are pretty cool in their own right. But then they just continue happening and these two just absolutely lose me. But hey, who am I to complain? I didn’t lose any cash throwing money into the ring after. Depending on just how much hype this sustains through this year, this feels like it’ll be 2020’s Ospreay-Shingo for me.



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