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[1997-07-08-ECW-Hardcore TV] PG-13 vs Mikey Whipwreck & Spike Dudley

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I dont know where you want to put this. This is the tag match from Orgy of Violence where PG-13 wins and Jason returns. This is not the one that made the Yearbook. This was aired on ECW Hardcore TV on 7/8 but it takes place on 6/28. I dont know if you are doing match date or air date for ECW. 

PG-13 vs Mikey Whipwreck & Spike Dudley - ECW Orgy of Violence 6/28/97

Unfortunately, this is clipped on ECW Hardcore TV. I need to track down the full version because this was a blast. I think I have a new favorite spot in wrestling. JC Ice thrusts his hips into Mikey's face saying "Mikey likes it, Mikey like it, Mikey really likes it" only for Mikey to grab him by the nutsack! JC Ice sells it like a million bucks even getting on the house mic to call for a timeout in a very high pitched voice! That was great. Tons of hell miscommunication. Tons of heat-seeking by PG-13. Great Frankensteiner by Wolfie that really spikes Spike into the middle turnbuckle. Great punches by Wolfie too. The babyfaces were fine but this was the PG-13 show and it was great. I know this is blasphemy to some but this is the first time I have watched a PG-13 match and I really enjoyed it. I need track down the full version. The finish is Jason returns and drags Mikey under the ring and PG-13 doubles teams Lil Spike for the win. I liked this, I really liked this! 

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