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[2020-04-04-WWE-WrestleMania 36: Night One] Cesaro vs Drew Gulak


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They go under 5 minutes, but every single second they wrestle in the time they get, is great. "All killer, no filler", as the saying goes. Everything matters, and more importantly, everything is extremely compelling to watch. Gulak's focus on Cesaro's arm was all kinds of fantastic, which Cesaro paid right back w/ his terrific selling -- so many good moments like Gulak countering Cesaro's Neutralizer by going to the arm, countering Cesaro's pinfall attempt into one of his own & transitioning it into an Armbar, that armdrag spot outside the ring, etc, etc. This match was filled with greatness. All capped off with Cesaro introducing the WWE World to the UFO. Helllll yeaaahhhh! ****

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Gulak's counters are a thing of beauty. His counter to Cesaro's leapfrog was *chef's kiss*. Technical matches like this don't seem to struggle as much in the empty arena setting, although Gulak playing to the non-existent crowd was unnecessary. I've been meaning to start a project for the best matches under 5 minutes and this would definitely make the shortlist. (Anyone who wants to do this, let me know!)


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