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[2001-01-04-NJPW-Wrestling World 2001] Hiroyoshi Tenzan vs Yuji Nagata


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This showed why I prefer Kojima as a worker to Tenzan. I thought Kojima brought more fire and focus in his match with Sasaki then Tenzan did here.  Nagata started things out by wrestling and Tenzan simply couldn’t hang that well on the mat.  That can play for storyline effect, but it came across as more Tenzan having to be lead.  The finishing stretch was fun, but I didn’t think Tenzan again showed much resourcefulness or continuity in coming out ahead. It felt more like it was his turn to go on offense and he did.  A good match but limited by one of the inhabitants from achieving more. ***1/4 (6.3)

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This was good not great.  Nagata here has more tools and can cut off Tenzan by going to kicks, going to the knee, or trying to take it to the mat.  And they develop a nice dynamic of Nagata finding more ways to shut him down when Tenzan gets going with headbutts or Mongolian chops.  Tenzan kills him with a sit out tombstone and overcomes him with a moonsault for the win.  Tenzan being so lackadaisical and uninteresting on offense early holds this back from being more than good.


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