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[2001-01-06-OVW-TV] Nick Dinsmore vs Robbie D


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OVW Heavyweight title match, ‘Slick’ Robbie D taking on the champion, the man who will be facing Chris Benoit later in the month at the rescheduled Christmas Chaos show.  It doesn’t take long before we see D’s insane leaping ability, as on the leapfrog spot, rather than making the leap like everyone else does, he keeps his knees together and jumps up over Dinsmore.  That’s ridiculous!  Dinsmore holds onto the ropes to avoid the dropkick and then slaps on a Boston crab, D the one using the ropes to his advantage this time as he grabs them to break the hold.  As it looks like the champion’s trying for a ‘Crippler crossface’, D low blows him.  The ‘Slick’ one seems more interested in playing to the crowd than taking it to his opponent.  Cornette highlights the importance of Dinsmore’s upcoming match against Benoit, claiming that should he beat him, like he did Al Snow and Chris Candido, he would then find himself on Monday Night Raw.  Russ McCullough is out and down at ringside.  D with a Fisherman’s suplex, he rolls over, placing his feet on the ropes for additional leverage, only for McCullough to push them off.  Apparently Big Russ has promised that no-one is going to beat Dinsmore except him, so that expains why he’s interjecting himself in things.  Belly to back suplex by Dinsmore and both men are down.  Dinsmore gets a second wind and goes for the German suplex but D flips over and lands on his feet.  He grabs a double underhook, Dinsmore blocks whatever he was planning and hits the German at the second time of asking to retain the title.  Post-match McCullough flattens Dinsmore with the title belt and gives him this great looking powerbomb before he’s run off by a chair swinging Damaja.    

A flat match as the champion was never in trouble and D is not a credible threat.  Just felt like a placeholder as Dinsmore gets ready for Benoit at Christmas Chaos.  Talking of which, they appear to be teasing something involving McCullough and Steve Austin for that show too.  McCullough’s powerbomb looked tremendous mind, one of the few compliments I can pay him.

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Dinsmore still presented as the ace. Match is basic tv affair.  Robbie E hits a real smooth fisherman suplex floatover into putting his feet on the ropes in one fluid motion. Russ McCollough comes out and Dinsmore starts making up his comeback.  Robbie flips through the German and they jockey for position before Dinsmore is able to hit it for the win.  Russ wallops Dinsmore with the title after the match and gives a powerbomb. We learn Russ even challenged Stone Cold. Yeah, lets see how well that works out. *1/2

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