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[2001-01-06-OVW-TV] Rob Conway vs Mr Black (Loser Leaves Bolin Services, Hardcore Rules)


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Jim Cornette welcomes us to the first episode of OVW television of the year.  This match was originally scheduled for the Christmas Chaos show back in December, however the two couldn’t wait until the rescheduled date to settle their differences and, despite his best efforts, Kenny Bolin couldn’t stop them either.  ‘The Starmaker’ holds Jim Cornette responsible for his boys being at each others throats and gives everyone his word that there isn’t going to be a winner and isn’t going to be a loser, Robert Brisco won’t count to three in this match even if he has to cut off his hand to make sure he doesn’t do so.  Cornette responds from the broadcast desk and he had a hunch Bolin might try something screwy.  OVW had promised a winner and a loser and that someone will leave BS, so to make sure that happens they’ve appointed a special guest referee, Trailer Park Trash.  As Bolin continues to complain he’s ejected from the ring by Trash while Conway rushes Black.  Lots of hitting each other with trash can lids, broomsticks and signs.  Black wraps a chain around his fist but misses the fist drop and Conway then wraps the chain around Black tying him up. Wooden doors make their way into the match and eventually tables.  Black with a great looking ‘Black Hole slam’ through a table for a near fall.  He collects a second table, which he lays the ‘Iron Man’ across, however Conway moves and he crashes through it himself when coming off the top. As Conway starts loading his glove, Bolin is up on the apron begging him to stop.  Black accidentally collides with Bolin and Conway schoolboys him for another near fall.  Not happy with the count he slaps Trash across the face thinking he deliberately slow counted him.  From behind Black whacks Conway in the head with Bolin’s briefcase and then Trash DDT’s him.  Black gets the three and Rob Conway is out of Bolin Services.  Just to show where he stands and that he has no allegiance to Bolin or anyone in BS, Trash clobbers Black with the briefcase, highlighting that he only involved himself because Conway slapped him.   

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Cornette leads us in at 80 mph and we learn that Christmas Chaos had to be rescheduled due to snow. Bolin cuts a promo against Cornette and blaming them for facing each other.  He says that he will not allow a winner to happen in this match.  Cornette agrees with him and says we have a special referee.  It’s the first hardcore champion in OVW history and its Trailer Park Trash. That gets a good response from the crowd. Trash’s referee shirt is awesome in a wife beater and black lines drawn downward with a marker. A pretty generic hardcore brawl here with a bunch of plunder. Black is awkward and not in the hurty, dangerous way but in the clumsy variety. Black sets up a table in the ring and a door in the corner.  He misses a charge and Conway comes back with a thesz press. Conway then gets a chair and hammers Black with it. Crowd seems a bit unsure who to cheer for when Conway is clearly being presented as the face in this feud. Crossbody by Conway on Black in the chair looks awful. Black hits a sidewalk slam sending Conway through the table for a nearfall. another table is brought in and Black misses a splash from the top and goes through the table. Conway loads up the glove and Bolin jumps on the apron. Black charges and Conway moves. Trash moved Conway out of the way but they argue. Black then shoves Conway into Trash who DDT’s Conway. That gets the pin. Trash lays out Black anyway. All of this felt pretty pointless. *1/4

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