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[2001-01-15-WCW-Nitro] Chavo Guerrero Jr vs Crowbar


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By the look of him here Crowbar is showing no adverse effects from yesterday’s PPV.  Not bad though, a Hardcore title shot last night, a Cruiserweight title shot tonight.  Lovely headscissors takedown.  Outside of Chris Benoit Chavo may well have the hardest knife edge chops going.  Leaping rana off the top, which is something I don’t recall seeing out of him previously.  He mounts Crowbar’s shoulders, in an Electric Chair position, and takes him over the top rope to the outside.  Plancha from the top turnbuckle to the floor.  Chavo is back in the ring first but Crowbar snaps his neck across the top rope.  Slingshot splash followed by a Lionsault.  Death Valley Driver.  Crowbar sits Chavo upstairs, however he holds the ropes on the attempted Frankensteiner and Crowbar crashes down to the mat.  The champion’s DDT is countered into a Northern Lights suplex for a razor close near fall.  Chavo lands on the ropes, when he was meant to be backdropped out onto the apron, and Crowbar forearms him to the floor before splashing him from the apron.  Back inside he’s about to head up top but has second thoughts, instead choosing to collect a chair.  That goes down well with the fans.  All of his posturing with that chair costs him though, for as he opens it up at ringside, not sure what he had planned to be honest by doing that, Chavo slingshots out to the floor and slams his face into it.  On returning to the ring he’s easy pickings for the brainbuster.

Good TV match and Chavo is one of the most consistent performers at the moment.  I prefer the wrestling orientated version of Crowbar as opposed to the hardcore one.

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Another good Chavo performance. Nothing too flashy but a cohesive six minute tv match that was effective. I know once Chavo moves over to WWF he is strictly Jakked and Heat duty which is a shame as right now he’s projecting into my top 100 wrestlers of the year. Again not the highest of praise but for someone like Chavo who is mostly maligned, it exemplifies how much I’m digging what he is doing in the cruiser division. **1/2 

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