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[2001-01-20-CZW-Delaware Invasion] Nate Hatred vs Wifebeater


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I’m almost certain that’s a very young Jay Lethal in the white T-shirt shouting abuse at Nate Hatred as he makes his entrance.  Wifebeater is dragging a barbed wire table out along with his manager, Mack Smack.  I mean he and Smack are dragging the table, not he’s dragging the table and Smack! Smack rechristens his man ‘Natebeater’ for the night and then goes onto say a few words about Zandig as he’s concerned about his behaviour this evening, wondering if his fanny pack is cutting off his circulation or if he’s suffering from some tightjeanitis!  He turns his attention to Hatred and while he does have some funny lines, this goes on for too long as he works his way through a self-help poster which he has bought as a gift for Nate.  It’s not long before this one takes to the floor, RF getting trapped behind a bunch of fans as he makes his way around the ring to be up close.  The crowd are heckling Hatred something rotten.  Beater sends chairs scattering when he’s whipped into them, but then backdrops Nate into even more when he charges him.  Hatred gets suplexed onto some upright chairs, at which point this tit in the crowd yells “is that the second bump you’ve taken in your life?”  He drills Beater with a pair of hard chair shots to the head and now this other prat shouts “learn how to give a chair shot asshole”.  Nate with a powerbomb onto even more chairs.  RF is way too close to the action and almost gets taken out by a swinging leg on the powerslam.  They return to the ring where Hatred gets a couple of near falls following a bulldog and a Northern Lights suplex.  He ducks out the ring to collect that barbed wire table which he slides inside.  Nate powerbombs Beater through the table and then gives him a fisherman’s suplex into the barbed wire, again both only good enough for a two.  Hatred is in the face of the referee about his count when behind his back Smack empties a bag of crisps down Beaters throat.  They must be his equivalent of spinach as he’s immediately got a second wind.  On turning around Hatred gets planted with the ‘Choke-N-Stein’ into the barbed wire and the ref, presumably pissed at whatever it was he just said to him, fast counts the three.

A lot shorter than I expected although both took some nasty bumps, both into the metal chairs on the floor as well as the barbed wire.  Wifebeater’s back for one was all cut up from the barbed wire.  Crowd were awful in their abusing and heckling of Hatred throughout.

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That is for sure Jay Lethal in the crowd and he would only be 15 years old according to Wikipedia. I liked this brawl. The crowd was weird in that they treat Wifebeater as a cult figure and Sandman like in this match to the detriment of anything Hatred did. However, in the next match, Wifebeater is certainly a heel and they boo him when he assists Justice Pain. The brawl itself was low impact mostly involving chairs and then building to the one barbed wire table. The chair bumps in particular looked violent especially Hatred’s backdrop. The hulk up that Wifebeater does from the potato chips felt appropriate and again that CZW was building their version of the antihero. Overall, I can see this is as cosplaying aspects of ECW but the brawl itself was tight and violent enough for the match to be a success overall. *** (6.2)

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