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[2001-01-20-OVW-TV] Nick Dinsmore vs Mark Henry


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Jim Cornette is still at it with Mark Henry being the man who mowed down the Big Show in that truck.  The two will settle things at Christmas Chaos, while he reminds everyone that Nick Dinsmore is preparing for the biggest match of his life that night against Chris Benoit.  One of the best things about Corny is the way he plugs these big shows (excuse the pun) multiple times weekly so they’re ingrained in your memory.  Running crossbody by Dinsmore.  Henry presses him off on the cover, through the ropes to the floor.  As he climbs up on the apron to get back in the ring, Henry distracts the referee so Bolin can clobber him in the back with his briefcase.  That changes the complexion of the match, Henry taking control and targeting ‘Mr Wrestling’s’ ribs.  Huge press, elevating Dinsmore high into the air, and he comes crashing down, chest first, to the mat.  Dinsmore avoids the big second rope elbow drop and starts jabbing away with some lefts.  The backslide goes nowhere so he transitions to a rolling snap suplex, although Henry does block the third one.  Flying forearm followed by a great looking missile dropkick.  Bolin is up on the apron, unknowingly to Dinsmore though he’s slid the briefcase in the ring to his man.  As Dinsmore grabs ‘the Star Maker’, Henry wallops him in the back of the head with it for the DQ.  They both put the boots in when the Big Show makes the surprise save, running them out of there.  Show says that everything Mark Henry has done won’t stop him (“the Show must go on”) and come Christmas Chaos he’s going to stomp a mud hole in his ass and walk it dry!

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I thought this was pretty fun during the meat of the match. Henry looked motivated enough and at one point hit a huge senton from the second rope that missed. It did have some Bolin interference leading into the heat but certainly nothing egregious by OVW standards. Dinsmore hitting the rolling snap suplexes on Henry was impressive and I liked the cutoff of Mark stopping the third from happening. Dinsmore hits the flying forearm and the missile dropkick and has the match in hand when Bolin jumps on the apron. Henry whacks him with the briefcase for the weak as hell finish. Big Show does come in with some huge white sneakers and he clears the ring of Henry. Show says that Henry tried to hit him with a truck but that didn’t stop him and the show must go on. **

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