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[2001-01-20-OVW-TV] Rico Constantino & Mr Black vs Damaja & Flash


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Flash and Constantino do one of the most believable chases you’re likely to see, Rico running out the door and leaving his partner all alone as Flash tries to get his hands on the man who cost him the tag team title a fortnight ago.  On his return Flash again makes a beeline for Rico however is kept at bay by referee Robert Brisco.  Flash drops Black with a thrust kick and is happy to let him make the tag but Rico wants no part of it.  Crossbody off the middle by Damaja.  A Black knee to the gut stuns Damaja and seeing the man down, Rico tags himself in.  Damaja with an up kick on the telegraphed backdrop.  He tries to drag Rico over to Flash but he literally swims out the ring away from him.  Black catches Damaja with a spinning sidewalk slam and Rico is wanting back in once more.  He heads upstairs but Flash shakes the ropes causing him to crash to the mat.  Damaja makes the tag and Rico immediately cuts off his escape route so there is no getting away this time.  The match breaks down and Damaja and Black end up going at it out at ringside.  Russ McCullough jumps Damaja, dumping him in the concession stand, and it’s two-on-one in the ring with Kenny Bolin distracting the official.  Rico with the ‘Sudden Impact’, top rope splash by Black and this one’s over.  The heels aren’t done, Nick Dinsmore, coming straight from the shower in only his trunks, making the save.

Fun interactions between Rico and Flash.

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Rico bails right at the bell leaving Black to go at it alone. Black gets the advantage and still isn’t able to convince Rico to get in the ring. Kenny Bolin is pissed off about this. Damaja is facing Russ McCollough at Christmas Chaos. I understand weather cancelled the original show but hyping a show on January 20th called Christmas Chaos seems fucking absurd to me. Black hits a nice sidewalk slam and now Rico is ready. Flash shakes the ropes and Rico is tripped up.  Flash punches away at Rico as the match breaks down. Here comes big Russ on the outside as he attacks Damaja.  Into the concessions they go. Rico and Black are now double teaming. Rico instructs Black to go to the top and he hits a huge splash and pins Flash. Dinsmore in for the save and is barefoot. Cornette says he is out of the shower which I guess he takes with his elbow pad on. *1/2

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