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[2001-01-27-IWA-MS] Ian Rotten vs Shank Dorsey


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Shank says that he has come to the IWA for one reason only, to make that fat piece of shit Ian Rotten his prison bitch.  Ian doesn’t take too kindly to that, promising to welcome him with a steel chair that will compress his head down into his chest so far that he’ll be talking out his ass.  Brutal clubbing clothesline from Ian, who then throws Shank out to the floor and dents a chair over his head.  That was even more brutal.  Shank comes up bleeding and I assume he must’ve bladed although I didn’t see him gig.  I seriously hope it wasn’t hard way.  Ian grabs a barbed wire covered tennis racket from a fan, presumably a rib on Cornette, which he grates on Dorsey’s face.  They take a walk around ringside and Ian swings a plastic bat covered in thumbtacks at Shank, dozens of them getting embedded in his skull.  Shank gets hold of the bat and returns favour.  He breaks some light tubes over Ian who then does his regular thing of turning away from the fans, placing his head on the apron between his arms and blading out of view.  Don’t think he drew as much blood as he wanted so goes for it again, this time the camera right on him as he draws the blade down his forehead.  A great looking right hand from Ian before throwing Shank into a row of empty seats.  Hard forearms to the side of the face.  Ian places a pin tray on his back, which he strikes with a chair, and then gets hold of a broom which he tries to force up his backside.  Shank shoves Ian into the ringpost as the action finally returns to the ring.  Clothesline followed by a twisting legdrop. He collects his chain from the corner, which he wraps around his fist, but Ian ducks the shot, double armed leg and he makes sure to hook the leg for an early bath.  Rotten says hat he had fun beating Shank’s ass so why don’t they do it again in front of 400 people (someone’s dreaming) in a fans bring the weapons, falls count anywhere match?  I think that’s some sort of approval/show of respect as he gives Shank credit for taking that “chair shot from hell” and still be standing at the end.  A bloody Shank tells him that if he wants it, he’s fucking got it.

Shank did get in some licks but a fairly dominant Ian match overall.  I’m always uneasy with these chair shots and it’s almost like some sort of weird imitation for these Death match workers (this was Shank’s IWA-MS debut) to have Ian blast them over the head with a chair.  The outside portion also fell into the I hit you with weapons, you hit me weapons trope that tends to be quite commonplace.  Can’t see how a rematch would go or fair differently to what we’ve seen, especially as they were using weapons bought by the fans here anyway.  An improvement on the handicap match.

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An Ian staple as I guess Shank ran his mouth somewhere so Ian now has to defend IWA’s honor or some shit. This is a brutal beating and it isn’t the worst example of this type of match in the year as we still have the Peter B Beautiful match at KOTDM. Ian gives a chair shot two minutes in that may be the most brutal one I have ever seen delivered and doesn’t pull on his punches or his thumbtack bat shots either. Shank does get a bit of more offense in than either Beautiful or Mike Levy do in their beatdowns so overall it is a better match but your typical Ian vs. underneath death match guy affair. Comeback by Ian is brief and he puts Shank away with the double arm DDT. **1/2

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