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[2002-12-28-ROH-Final Battle] American Dragon vs Low Ki vs Samoa Joe vs Steve Corino

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A good comparison to this would be the Crowning A Champion 4-way, because this is also a true long boy, going to the 45-minute time limit draw, but much like that said match at Crowning A Champion, this is also absolutely excellent. The 45-minutes fly by, as the action is very good & compelling throughout, with the peaks of the match being straight up great. Corino was on fire with his character work & he brought his own old school-ish flavor to the thing which fit it super well, and then of course Dragon, Ki & Joe just killed it. Every combo in the match just WORKED and created for some damn fine professional wrestling throughout. A terrific way to close out Ring of Honor's 2002. ****

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I don't usually go in for four ways but this had too many big names to ignore. It was a bit slow because they were going the distance. There was some good stuff between Danielson & Low Ki, and Low Ki & Joe, but it was a rehash of stuff we'd already seen in 2002. The finish was stupid with guys suplexing each other left, right and center, but I guess that happens when you have a four way going to a time limit draw. ROH had a strong year, and for fans this was probably the icing on the cake, but I wasn't overly thrilled by this. 

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