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[1995-12-11-WWF-Raw] Aja Kong vs Chaparita Asari


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According to a comment on the Youtube video of this match, this was the match that got the women's division scrapped as the boys got too insecure about how stiff these women worked. I'm not sure if that's true or not, but you could certainly believe it given how brutally stiff the match was and how fragile some of the egos were backstage.

This match is a total squash, with Asari only getting some offence at the start of the match and when Aja misses a dive from the turnbuckle. Aja has plenty of opportunities to go for the pin, but she toys with Asari and lifts her up just before the referee can count to three. The kicks Aja gives to Asari when she's down made me wince. This is how you get someone over as a monster heel. 


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Before the Regal/Finlay matches started up, this has got to be the stiffest match of the Monday Night Wars. Aja's kicks to Asari's back after the snap mare are positively brutal. This was designed as a squash to get over Aja and set up Alundra vs Aja for the Royal Rumble (after the match, she even makes the belt around the waist motion), but by the time it actually aired the WWF had already decided to not renew Madusa's contract and informed AJW that they weren't having the match. This is why the Vince and Jerry don't really bother to take the match seriously.

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