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[1995-08-08-ECW-TV] Raven & Stevie Richards vs The Pitbulls

Superstar Sleeze

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ECW World Tag Team Champions Raven & Stevie Richards vs The Pitbulls - ECW Middletown, NY 7/28/95 (Aired 8/8/95)

Outdoor venue, it is raining but not too hard it looks like, a lot of people. ECW was pretty over. 

I believe this is the first televised match in the feud. The Pitbulls were former minions and got fed up and refused to Superbomb Luna and now are aligned with Dreamer & Luna. They got the tag belts on Raven & Richards to up the ante for this feud. Pitbulls are better power wrestlers than I had previously given them credit for. They did a great job throwing Richards around in the shine. Pitbull #2 hits a spinwheel kick that Hashimoto would have been proud of, squashing Richards in the corner and Pitbull #1 hit a nice slingshot shouldertackle. They put over Raven as a game changer after Richards takes a ton of punishment they were going to Superbomb him until Raven attacks. Raven eats knees on Vaderbomb. They regain control by attacking the testicles of Pitbull #1. Hot tag and Pitbulls are in control. #1 is throwing Raven into chairs and #2 has isolated Stevie, but Beulah sprays #2 in the eyes with hairspray and a StevieKick and it is over. They steal a win but Dreamer and Luna beat up Raven & Richards. They trap Beulah and Dreamer piledrivers her to a massive reaction and triggers an EC-DUB chant. Great place-setting match. Shows the Pitbulls can kickass but they arent ready to overcome Raven's trickery just yet. Short & sweet. ***

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