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[2003-03-22-ROH-Night of Champions] Jody Fleisch vs Low Ki

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This is somewhat comparable to Ki's excellent match vs. The Amazing Red from Road to the Title, as it follows a fairly similar formula, and there's quite a few similarities between Red & Jody Fleisch. Ki puts Fleisch over big throughout, by giving him a lot of the match & selling big for him, making this feel like a true star-making moment/match for the man, as he totally hangs in there w/ THE major asskicker in town in Low Ki. It's a charming story to tell, and they tell it wonderfully with badass action -- some notable highlights for me were that awesome springboard sequence where Ki gets the control by evading Jody's springboard attack, and then answering with one of his own immediately, that springboard SSP-piledriver thing Jody did - it didn't look pretty at all, in fact it could be called VERY messy, but it also looked vicious as hell. And I sure prefer it that way when it comes to these super highflying movez -- messy, but vicious looking >>> overly pretty & choreographed. And then of course the match ending super Ki Krusher, which was just killer. Excellent match. ****

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