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[1992-04-05-WWF-Wrestlemania VIII] Tito Santana vs Shawn Michaels


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I thought this was a great way to open up the show. Tito has always been a reliable worker and Shawn is starting to come into his own. Michaels, having turned on his tag partner at the start of the year, is now paired with Sherri Martel. He has taken to his new heel character like a fish to water. This has a slow start, with headlocks and a fair bit of stalling, but they kept it entertaining. Tito even manages to get a few convincing nearfalls by pinning Shawn when he's locked in Tito's headlock. Shawn's bumping might be over the top and cartoony for any other wrestling promotion, but it works well for the product WWF were putting out in 1992. I particularity love his bump to the outside, as he launches himself when Tito lands his Flying Jalapeno forearm strike. Shawn manages to get a semi-decisive win as Tito collapses trying to scoop Michaels up. I predict big things for that Michaels kid!


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