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[2001-01-19-NWA Wildside] Adam Jacobs & John Phoenix vs Shannon Moore & Shane Helms


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3 Count is heeling it up and dancing until Suicidal Tendencies clears the ring of them. Moore lets the crowd know they are from WCW and not putting up with this. They tease a countout before heeling it up with the crowd some more. The match I am of two minds of. It was cool seeing 3 Count work as the veterans as they take 80% of the match and slow things way down, but on the other hand it didn’t kind of feel like they were a bit on autopilot being in the barn in Cornelia. It struck me watching this that Helms in particular has a wild ride in the next year as he is wrestling in front of probably a hundred fans here and will be in a prominent comedy spot in a packed house in the Royal Rumble one year later. This is also a single cam. Hot tag is made and Tendencies run through their double team moves on Moore. Phoenix is thrown into the post and Helms is able to recover and hit the assisted neckbreaker giving 3 Count the win. This wins the tag titles for 3 Count so perhaps they will be around a bit. **3/4

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