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[2001-03-01-WWF-Smackdown] The Rock vs William Regal


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According to Mr McMahon, William Regal is a very deserving contender to the WWF World title.  While JR doesn’t doubt his ability, he thinks this is more a reward for his recent collusion with the McMahon’s on Monday night against Trish Stratus.  Considering it was only a week ago we saw Regal lose to Test when challenging for the European title, I think JR is probably correct.  Regal addresses the concerns, saying how he earned the title shot through his superior wrestling ability.  He knows there isn’t a lot going on in Tucson but tonight the people are going to see their Goodwill Ambassador win the World title and then go on to defend it at Wrestlemania.  Ross is smelling a rat.  Regal wastes little time in going on the offense.  Rock knocks him down with a flying forearm and starts putting the boots in.  He goes for a whip out the corner but Regal keeps hold of the arm and hits a Russian legsweep.  Some knee strikes followed by an uppercut.  Steve Austin is shown watching on from the dressing room.  Japanese stranglehold.  Rock reverses the Irish whip and lands a belly to belly.  Regal gets a forearm shot in, Rock though then counters the Hangman’s neckbreaker with a spinebuster.  Sharpshooter is locked in when out rushes Kurt Angle for the DQ.  Angle is looking for the ankle lock, having promised to break the Rock’s ankle before he gets to Wrestlemania, however Rock manages to scramble to the floor where he collects himself a chair.  On seeing the chair Angle doesn’t hang around and Rock takes his frustrations out on Regal, cracking him over the head with it.

Backstage we see Regal apologising to Mr McMahon, hoping that he hasn’t let him down.  McMahon says that in his eyes he’s a winner, he hasn’t let him down at all and this is just part of a plan, a much bigger plan.

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