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[2001-03-03-IWA-MS-Nightmare on Highway 62] Ian Rotten vs B.J. Whitmer (Strap)


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Well things have gotten serious quickly between these two as last time we saw Whitmer in IWA-MS it was when he had that slow, ground based affair against Ian, here we are tonight and it’s a leather strap match.  Turns out that someone has been flyering the cars in the car park for a rival show and Ian has found out about it.  He’s not happy and basically questions the entire crowd to see whether anyone has the nerve to own up to it.  No-one does and he goes on about this being “his house”, something he pays $2,000 a month to rent etc.  The irony behind that being that he’s openly flyered at OVW shows in the past.  Rotten tells B.J. that he’s in over his head and he’s in the IWA now where “men are men and bitches like him get their asses kicked.”  

You can win by either pinfall or dragging your opponent to all four corners of the ring, both men attached to the leather strap by their wrists.  Ian shortens the strap and gets the first licks in before using it to choke B.J. with.  Whitmer goes to the eyes and starts whipping himself, although there doesn’t look to be a whole lot behind those shots.  His opponent shows him how to swing the thing and B.J. is out to the floor.  They trade chops at ringside and now Whitmer is going into the ring to try and get away from him!  He’s pulled back outside and Ian drills him with a chair shot.  It’s not the usual Rotten brain killer but it’s no gentle tap either.  B.J. comes up bleeding and gets hold of a barbed wire bat which he grates into Ian’s forehead.  There’s almost a reluctance behind the Whitmer chair shot, as if he doesn’t want to go the whole hog for fear of what Ian might do in return.  He goes to the corners, slaps three, however before he can get to the fourth Ian is up, forearming him across the chops.  Hangman’s neckbreaker with the strap.  Ian with what looks like a North-South choke, B.J. stretching his legs to the ropes for the break.  Oh yeah, Ian is bleeding too now, courtesy of that chair shot.  Whitmer is at least swinging that strap better the longer this has gone on.  A stiff forearm looks like it damn knocks B.J. out.  They tease Ian making it to all four corners when Whitmer is up, rushing him.  Rolling senton followed by a standard one, Ian bringing all his weight down on his opponent.  The finish is perhaps surprisingly a pinfall as opposed to touching the corners, B.J. telegraphing a backdrop and Ian giving him the double arm DDT.  Whitmer is not finished, blinding Ian with some salt and then pulling his shirt off so he can whip him some more.  It looks like some of those shots are even hitting the back of the head.  I thought that some of those had opened Ian up, but on rewatching closer you see him blade the top of his back.  B.J. finishes by pouring salt into those open wounds.

Whitmer got into things, eventually, increasing the stiffness of his blows, although there was no emotional attachment whatsoever for me.  Whether that was due to how long the show had gone by this point and I was done by the time I watched it may have been the case.  Still, it’s also tough to imagine B.J., who’s got no look or physique at this time, being a viable threat for Ian in a match like this.

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