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[2001-03-03-MCW-TV] Jerry Lawler & Bill Dundee & The Kat vs Bobby Eaton & Brandon Baxter & Victoria


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Today’s show contains matches that were recorded at the recent ‘Showdown at the Nuthouse’ event.  Dundee and Eaton have been feuding with each other over in Power Pro Wrestling, that feud has made it’s way over to MCW, and the Commissioner flexed his muscles and inserted himself here into what was originally a handicap match.  With Dundee trapped in a front chancery, the Kat is in, on her partner’s back and slapping ‘Beautiful’ Bobby across the face.  The very next spot sees the heels try the very same thing, only ‘the Superstar’ sees it coming a mile away when Victoria swings at him, Eaton and her crumpling to the mat.  Victoria is livid and wants the Kat.  Surprisingly Kat looks fairly competent in there, hitting a huracanrana on Victoria and a pair of arm drags followed by a monkey flip on Bobby.  We’re finally getting Lawler and Eaton squaring off, that is after plenty of stalling.  ‘The King’ is knocked to the floor after a right hand, Bobby goes out after him but ends up getting backdropped on the cold hard concrete. Victoria is around and takes a swing at Lawler, who ducks her shot and then plants a kiss on her.  That’s Pete Gas and Jerry Lawler on the same weekend, did any Memphis face not force themselves onto her?  More stalling.  ‘The Superstar’ and ‘the King’ work together against Eaton.  Baxter punches Dundee in the back of the head and then grabs hold of him.  As Eaton charges, Dundee then bends forward, Baxter going forward too, and Bobby gets backdropped over the top to the outside.   Dundee concentrates his efforts on Baxter allowing Eaton to return to the ring and drill him with a right.  Not to be left out Victoria also puts the boots in and scratches ‘the Superstar’ in the face.  He eventually hot tags ‘the King’, after first crawling between Eaton’s legs, as the match breaks down into a pier sixer.  Lawler and Eaton are left all alone and ‘the King’ gives him a piledriver.  Rather than make the pin himself, he assists Kat on a Rocket Launcher, the old Midnight Express finisher and she gets the three count.  If Eaton didn’t know, Lawler makes sure to let him that he was pinned by a woman who used one of his own moves against him.

Pure Memphis from start to finish.  Just like on a throwaway episode of WCW Saturday Night last year where Bobby Eaton took a hip toss on the ringside mats, he’s at it again here, taking unnecessary backdrops on concrete.

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