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[2001-03-03-MPPW-TV] American Dragon & Shooter Schultz vs Bulldog Raines & Alan Steel


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Rob Harlem heads to ringside after the wrestlers with a note pad.  Dave Brown wonders if he’s doing some scouting but doesn’t speak to them, just takes a seat.  At least he won’t be distracting from the matches for a change.  Dragon and Steel open with a bit of chain wrestling, the heel Dragon going to ‘All That’s’ eyes.  Steel snatches the arm and pancakes him to the mat.  Hammerlock, Dragon firing off an elbow to the jaw to escape.  Shooter’s caught by a flying clothesline and then taken down with an armdrag.  Tag to the power man of the four.  The big Bulldog misses the blind tag and a nice backbreaker/low dropkick double team.  Dragon’s knife edge chops haven’t gone unnoticed on Dave who thinks he has the most vicious chop he’s seen since Tojo Yamamoto!  Corey then regales us with a tale of Tojo wanting to chop him one night in Jonesboro and how there was no way he was letting that happen.  Bulldog ducks Shooter’s clothesline and flattens him with a flying shoulderblock.  Hot tag to Steel who’s taking it to both Dragon and Schultz.  The Bulldog is back to his feet as all four men are going at it in there.  Dragon pulls down the top rope and Raines sails out to the concrete.  Combination Roaring elbow/German suplex and the Kliq pick up the win.  Jason Sensation continues to act like an utter tit, ridiculously OTT in his celebrations and with the jumping around after the win.

Without checking I can’t remember what led to the WWF pulling all their talent from MPPW and going exclusively with MCW.  Whilst they get the live television experience in the studio, they tend to be working five minute matches at most and in a tag they’re working even less.  When you want developmental talent to be working longer matches so they can “develop” I don’t know how the Power Pro format can truly benefit them.  The more ring time they get in MCW is what they need.  Is someone watching these shows and noticed that?  Probably doubtful, but we got very little from Dragon and Spanky this week. 

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