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[2001-03-03-WOW-TV] Beckie the Farmer's Daughter vs The Disciplinarian


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For the Disciplinarian, who is from the Board of Education, think a female Dean Douglas.  There’s the usual WOW vignette where she is shown tormenting some young school kid.  She can’t believe Beckie’s challenged her to a match and makes jibes about Beckie’s pet pig being smarter than she is and her family being inbred.  Beckie sprints down to the ring and nails the Disciplinarian in the back with a dropkick, the Disciplinarian falling through the ropes to the floor where she takes out her hair pin and removes her jacket.  She slingshots her back into the ring and transitions from a full nelson bomb into the Farmer’s roll.  There is good athleticism on show here, although the Disciplinarian with a bad looking hip toss.  Crotch hold slam followed by a running splash for a two.  Beckie counters the Pedigree with a backdrop but then fails to connect on her reverse splash off the top.  She lands on her feet off the snapmare and nails the Disciplinarian with another hearty dropkick.  The Disciplinarian clotheslines Beckie across the top rope as the match continues to ebb one way and then the other.  As she’s whipped into the corner Beckie jumps to the middle turnbuckle and lands a missile dropkick.  She bodyslams her into position before heading upstairs for something.  Holy fuck!  An immaculate 450 splash that puts the Disciplinarian down for the count. They replay that to death, and rightfully so.

Beckie is a tremendous athlete and it’s surprising that she didn’t do anything outside of WOW or that no-one took a chance on her.  Men doing 450s were few and far between back in 2001, let alone women.

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