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[2001-03-05-WCW-Nitro] Rick Steiner vs Booker T


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Rick Steiner is already in the ring when Nitro comes on air.  ‘The DFG’ takes some digs at Booker T, how he was a nobody without his brother who was always there to back him up, how he was nothing as a champion and how he never beat him.  He kinda challenges him which leads to Booker coming out.  Booker is on a mission, getting the sound guys to cut his music.  He starts talking about ‘Big Poppa Pump’, the bad blood between the two and that he’ll get him in due time, in the mean time though he’s happy to come to that ring and whup his ass all over the place for these fans.  ‘The Book’ wants a referee and if by magic Scott Armstrong is on the scene.

The bell eventually rings a good thirty seconds after they’ve already started going at it at ringside.  Booker drops Steiner across the guard rail and throws him into the ring steps before tossing him inside.  Steiner gets the jump on him with a kick between the legs and takes over.  Scott Hudson wonders if ‘the DFG’ is running interference for his brother by calling Booker out.  Finally a referee who at least threatens to disqualify one of the Steiners after they put their hands on him .  Booker kicks out of the belly to belly at two.  Some sort of Tiger Driver.  Steiner climbs the turnbuckles for the top rope bulldog but Booker falls into the ropes causing him to lose his balance.  Superplex.  Axe kick followed by the Harlem side kick.  ‘The DFG’ blocks the Book End and goes for his Steiner Driver which I think Booker escapes from, as opposed to him losing his balance, it looked bad whatever happened mind.  A knee to the groin stops the second Book End but Scott Steiner has seen enough anyway, running out from the dressing room for the DQ.  DDP makes the save and clears the pair from the ring, the World champion getting caught up in the ropes when he was supposed to take a spill to the floor.  Security arrives to keep everyone apart before a bit of mic work sets up a tag encounter between the four for later in the show.

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