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[2001-03-07-WCW-Thunder] Shannon Moore & Evan Karagias vs Jason B & Scotty O


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The final first round match in the Cruiserweight tag team tournament.  Jason B is the former E.Z. Money and is a replacement for Jamie Noble who is unable to compete due to “circumstances out of his control,” whatever that means.  It’s noted that this is B’s first appearance in WCW, although the fans may recognise him from elsewhere.  Karagias counters the tilt-a-whirl with a neckbreaker.  Good facials from B on selling the knife edge chops.  As Evan comes off the middle he’s caught by a dropkick to the chest.  The Tajiri handspring elbow and Karagias is wanting out.  The new pairing utilise a couple of double team maneuvers on Shannon before O gets a two count following a springboard crossbody.  Moore avoids a Lionsault and Evan with a powerslam as 3 Count take over.  B makes a blind tag and hits the Money Clip on Shannon.  It was an attempted double Money Clip but Evan ducked out the way.  Karagias then with a pescado to O who had slid out under the bottom rope.  Dive train.  O tosses Evan back into the ring, Shannon saving his partner on the cover.  Everyone takes it in turn to hit a big move (Bottoms Up, Money in the Bank, 450 splash) the spare man breaking up the pin each time.  B gets backdropped over the ring post to the floor and, with him now out of there, 3 Count hit a double team Bottoms Up with Shannon coming off the top while Evan held O in position for the win to complete our semi-final line up.

The match was fine considering it was practically two unknowns who the crowd must’ve known had little chance of advancing.   Jason B used a lot of his trademark stuff outside and after a slightly nervy start on that neckbreaker looked good in there.  I didn’t mention it in the write up on his appearance in Wildside but interesting to see him using the handspring elbow variation, something which almost surely he wouldn’t have been allowed to do in ECW.

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