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[2001-03-08-WWF-Smackdown] Matt & Jeff Hardy vs D-Von & Bubba Ray Dudley


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A rematch from Monday night, the new tag team champs defending against the former champions.  The Dudleys are wasting little time, wanting their gold back.  Early Poetry in Motion on Bubba which Matt follows with a clothesline takedown.  Bubba ducks his shot and dumps him on the back of his head.  Jeff hooks D-Von’s ankle from the floor allowing the champions to take over.  Matt chokes him across the second rope and then has some words with the referee allowing Jeff to drop a leg across his neck.  D-Von flattens Jeff with a stiff clothesline as he comes off the middle but it happened too close to the Hardy’s corner, Jeff tagging Matt who is able to prevent D-Von doing similar.  Nice gut wrench suplex.  The Twist of Fate is countered with a backdrop and D-Von finally is able to make that tag.  Bubba dispatches Jeff over the top rope and then hot shots Matt.  Doomsday Device on Jeff!  Matt breaks the cover with a middle rope legdrop.  As Jeff grabs hold of the referee, Lita with a great looking leaping rana to Bubba who only just gets a shoulder up on the cover.  D-Von steps out the way of the Whisper in the Wind and they hit 3-D.  As it look like the Dudleys are about to regain the straps, at the count of two referee Mike Chioda is pulled out the ring by Christian who is still trying to get some retribution for the Dudley putting Edge out of action. D-Von makes a beeline for Christian, flooring him, but Bubba is distracted by what’s going on outside and gets caught with a neckbreaker.  Matt places the legal Jeff on top and the brothers retain. Bubba grabs Christian by the hair, pulling him into the ring where after the Wazzup headbutt he gets superbombed through a table.

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