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[2001-03-03-NWA Nashville-TV] Randy Orton vs Kid Dynamite


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I don’t think Dynamite it the tallest guy as it is, but Orton looks like a giant next to him, something that I haven’t really noticed in the OVW footage we’ve seen so far.  The commentators claim he’s 6’7” although that’s an exaggeration.  Huge press slam.  Dynamite tries to fire back, Orton though just absorbs his blows before reversing the whip to the corner.  He runs into a back elbow, however Dynamite takes too long as he climbs the turnbuckles, Randy swiping his legs out from under him.  A superplex, just like his dad, and this is over already.

I initially thought this TV was dated 3/17 based purely on an advertisement for a Tuesday 3/20 house show, however after going through the whole episode as opposed to only the matches, heard Bert Prentice referencing a show “next Saturday, March 10” meaning this is from March 3 (hence why it’s been posted slightly out of order).  A squash.  Interesting to see Orton use the superplex here as he’s been using a full nelson slam as his finisher in OVW.  The only time he used the superplex there was against Robbie D at Christmas Chaos and it wasn’t the finish that night.

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