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[2001-03-10-CZW-War at Station 44] Mark & Jay Briscoe vs Nick Berk & Justice Pain


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The Dew is back out managing the Briscoes as he sets about turning them into the best tag team in CZW.  Justice is looking better than usual in the opening goings, including a nice single arm throw.  Mark’s interference stops the initial advantage the faces had gained although I’m at a loss why the ref isn’t even attempting to get him out of there.  There’s never any consistency when it comes to the officials in this company which always bothers me, as evidenced only moments later when Jay spits at Berk on the apron, Berk is wanting in to retaliate and of course he’s being kept from interfering.  Either just let it be a free for all or enforce the rules consistently.  Jay and Justice take it in turns to avoid Asai moonsaults in a cute spot.  Pain ducks the enzuigiri, keeps hold of the leg and slaps on an STF, Mark with a shotgun dropkick for the save.  That brings Berk in as all four men go at it.  The Briscoes end up getting clotheslined out to the floor, although Berk takes two attempts to get Mark out of there.  What follows is an all-timer on the botch highlight scale, Justice going for a springboard flip dive to the floor.  He was in the corner and was meant to jump from the apron to the top rope, spring to the top rope on a second side of the ring and then springboard to the floor with the flip dive, however he slips on the second springboard going ass over tit, hitting the back of his head on the apron and coming down hard on the concrete.  You can hear an audible intake of air and people exclaiming “shit!”  He’s not moving and the match is carrying on regardless, no-one making a dash from the dressing room to check on him. Not too long later he does get to his feet much to everyone’s relief.  We get a close up shot of his forehead which is all red and bruised from that fall.  The action returns to the ring where the Dew hooks Berk’s ankle from ringside allowing the Briscoes to take over.  A real sweet double arm drag where they keep hold of the arm and transition it to a double Rock Bottom.  They’re still playing to the crowd after moves too much for my liking.  Mark floats over on the Northern Lights suplex and lands a second one.  Double neckbreaker and Justice is in for the save.  Berk escapes the chinlock, gets Jay on his shoulders and sits out the Fireman’s carry slam.  The Dew goes after Justice, which was just a clever diversion for Mark to switch places with Jay when the ref’s back was turned.  It may not have been that smart after all, as Justice kills the Dew with a chair shot.  German suplex by Mark.  Berk counters the huracanrana and is able to make the hot tag.  All four men are in there until Jay gets dumped outside.  Mark looks for a top rope Frankensteiner on Berk, but Justice gets underneath to powerbomb him.  Either he loses him or Mark slips, so they quickly have to improvise before he hits it.  Frog splash by Berk and the Briscoes are going to be needing some more advice from the Dew as they go down here.  Berk fights the Briscoes to the dressing room, Justice staying in the ring and leaving his partner to it...

What is it with CZW and botches?  On another night that could’ve ended in disaster for Pain.  The best stuff here was when the Briscoes were controlling things and when they were getting the heat on Berk.  I also liked the switcheroo they pulled, smartly done.  Still crazy to think how young and inexperienced they are here going against these two and they are the best thing in the match.

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