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[2001-03-10-CZW-War at Station 44] Zandig vs Tommy Dreamer


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After the previous match has finished Berk fights the Briscoes to the dressing room, Justice staying in the ring and leaving his partner to it.  He gets on the mic and tells Zandig to bring his title to the ring and come and get his ass kicked.  ‘The Boss’ is out.  And getting his ass kicked he is until snatching Justice and pressing him over head.  “Who’s the fucking man?”  Tommy Dreamer is in the ring behind them, Zandig appearing to shit himself when he turns around and sees him, as he drops Pain who falls on top of him.  This segues into Dreamer vs Zandig, Justice clearly not that bothered by the title if he’s happy to let Dreamer take his place.

The match immediately goes to the floor via a Dreamer Cactus clothesline, they then go on one of those ECW ‘brawls’ around the building which consists mainly of walking and not much else.  Zandig gets busted open after being slammed into the side of the building, although Dreamer is clearly half-assing it here.  Back inside Zandig actually hits a Falcon Arrow, however as he climbs the turnbuckles spends more time yelling “C-Z-Fucking-W” and ends up being hung upside down in the Tree of Woe  Justice places a chair in front of his face which Dreamer dropkicks.  Zandig frees himself from the Death Valley Driver so Justice puts him through a table with a backdrop driver.  The table folds up on Zandig as Dreamer’s music starts playing.  And that looks like that was it!  After Dreamer and Justice leave a bloodied Zandig slaps around Towel Boy.  He lets everyone know that it’s his company, fuck the fans and fuck Tommy Dreamer, this isn’t over!

I hope Tommy Dreamer was worth the money!

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