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[2001-03-10-IWA-MS] CM Punk vs Mitch Page


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For anyone who‘s unaware, Page reminds the fans that last week he whipped Spike Dudley’s ass while Madman Pondo whipped the Sandman’s.  After defeating Spike he’s now calling himself “the Giant Killer Killer”.  Punk is out to what would go on to become more well known as El Generico’s theme music.  He’s got Colt Cabana in his corner and is already firmly entrenched as an IWA favourite by the ovation he gets.  Page is stalling big time at the onset.  The action at first is pretty rough when it’s Punk in charge.  ‘Mean’ Mitch catches him on the running crossbody and slams him to the mat.  He sees someone in the front row with a light tube and asks him to give it him, only for it to “accidentally” slip out of his hand.  When he asks for a second one he “accidentally” drops that too.  The fan realises what’s going on when he wants him to pass him a third, giving him the finger instead.  That was funny.  Like Punk is taking light tube shots!  After being pushed one time too many the ref gives Page a shove back, right into a Punk right hand.  Russian legsweep.  Outside in springboard moonsault for a two count.  Page counters the piledriver with a backdrop before mocking the “Go Punk Go!” chants.  He whips him chest first into the corner and then splashes him up against it.  Punk blocks the superplex by firing off punches and hits a sunset flip powerbomb off the top.  The whip to the corner is reversed and again Page splashes Punk against the turnbuckles.  One Vader bomb later Punk is put down for the three.  Punk sells the ribs as Colt checks on him, the girls screaming for him.  I imagine these two do alright on the merch front when it comes to selling Polaroid’s as they know how to play the game.

Fine for a ten minute match and while I’m generally not a fan of Page (I probably say that every time out!) there was nothing wrong here and he put on an entertaining showing.

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