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[2001-05-27-GAEA] Chikayo Nagashima vs KAORU

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Chikayo Nagashima is a favorite of mine, but she didn't stand a chance here. This was a KAORU brawl with a bunch of plunder. There were a few nice spots here and there, but KAORU doesn't match my image of a wrestler. She's a performer and not the type of competitor I can get into. I almost thought this was a pointless upload until Nagashima pulled off the surprise upset. Then I felt a bit stupid. Nice win.

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Good match but this speaks to some of the booking problems I have with GAEA.  They have crafted a perfect underdog storyline of Meiko rising up the ranks and culminating in the 4/29/01 HOkuto match but other picking up upset victories like Nagashima here lessen than affect. Nagashima and KAORU are more evenly matched but even on this same exact show, you had the champion go down in a singles match to Yamada. Getting up for 1-3 big upsets is something that can be exhillarating as a viewer. Watching this match and seeing Nagashima win, my reaction was more shrugged shoulders that of course that happened and she won based on everything else that has happened in GAEA so far. 

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