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[2001-03-10-IWA-MS] Colt Cabana vs Tracey Smothers


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No Sandman on this show and just look at the difference it’s made to the attendance compared with last week’s show.  CM Punk in the corner of Cabana.  ‘Sellout’ Smothers knows Colt’s good because he saw him against Jerry Lynn, but tonight he’s going to give him the wrestling lesson of his life.  By and large it’s pretty much the same promo he cuts prior to every match.  Tracey is up to his old tricks complaining of closed fists, hair pulling and the grabbing of his trunks.  He gets the better of a shoulder tackle then holds the ropes open wondering if Cabana wants to “get the fuck out of here and go back to Chicago?”  Scoop powerslam , springboard sunset flip, flying crossbody, each picks Colt up a flurry of two counts in quick succession.  Smothers takes to the outside, after the Cabana pescado Punk then throws him back in, not giving him any time to grab a breather. Crossbody off the top, Tracey using his momentum to roll through on it before dropping Colt with a clothesline.  Smothers throws him to the floor and then whips him into the chairs.  It is the IWA after all so why not?  Back inside Tracey sits on the rear chinlock, grounding Colt and putting his own legs over the ropes for additional leverage.  Punk tries to notify the referee as to what’s going on, eventually catching Smothers in the act.  As he turns to have words with Punk, Cabana schoolboys him for a near fall.  Flatliner by Tracey.  He measures the DDT but Colt is able to kick out of the cover.  From here the match goes back and forth, neither able to put the other away.  Colt with a tornado suplex, the pattern continuing as Tracey kicks out after the frog splash.  He’s back up top only to miss his target on the switch moonsault.  Smothers then with some sort of slam and he gets the three.  He has some post-match words, putting Punk and Cabana over huge, saying how he has to be on his game when he faces the likes of them, and how they’re going to be the stars of tomorrow.  How spot on you were Tracey.

Decent match, although I had high expectations going in, which for me it never reached.  Am I getting tired of the Smothers routine or was this just an average night?  Guess I’ll know next time out.

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